It is very important to us that expenses are not a hindrance for participating in this tournament. Due to the support of the DPG, we can gladly announce that the following expenses are covered:

  • Accommodation between Dec 30.11.2018 – 01.12.2018 and 02.12.2018 – 03.12.2018
  • Breakfast on 01.12.2018 and 02.12.2018
  • Lunch onĀ 01.12.2018 and 02.12.2018
  • Train tickets inside Frankfurt
  • Participation fee for IPT 2019 for the winning team

Travel expenses and the costs for your dinner could unfortunately not be covered. However, we recommend asking your local universities for financial assistance since this tournament is an amazing opportunity to improve your physics skills.

Even without additional sponsoring coming to Frankfurt is worth the trip. We are looking forward to welcoming you there.