Mission and Tasks

Network for the organisation and support of the German Physicists’ Tournaments

In order to organise and support the German Physicists’ Tournaments, there is a network consisting of representatives from universities in Germany (the sites of the network). Each representative will be responsible to advertise the GPT at the respective site, to support students that want to participate, and to usually send at least one team and one juror from the site to the GPT.

The network will decide where the GPT will take place and what specific rules should apply in the GPT.

Further details about the goals and responsibilities of the network, especially concerning the tasks of sites in the network, can be found in the following document (in German): Netzwerk.pdf

The current sites of the network along with their representatives are listed here Sites and People

For more information about the network or if you want to support the GPT by becoming representative of a new site in the network, please contact Michael Schmiedeberg (michael.schmiedeberg@fau.de) or Angela Fösel (angela.foesel@fau.de).