Information on the GPT 2023

What are the International and the German Physicists’ Tournaments?

The general principles of the GPT and the IPT can be found at Videos of example solutions can be watched at And even more information on the competition can be found on the homepage of the IPT:

The problems of the IPT and GPT 2023 are out:

GPT 2023:

Online Round (First round of the GPT 2023 on January 14th, 2023)

The first round of the GPT 2023 was online on January 14th, 2023 and the best teams qualified for the in person round of the GPT that probably will be in Erlangen (see below). The results can be found at the bottom of this page.

The problems for the IPT 2023 were used:

Teams of three to six students are welcome to participate. Single students can also take part and will be assigned to a team by us. To participate, it is sufficient to work on and prepare ideas for one problem per team member. There is no registration fee.

The general principles of the GPT and IPT can be found here. Some additional rules for the GPT are given here. In the online competition probably only the roles of reporter and opponent will be used (i.e., there will be no reviewer).

In person round of the GPT 2023 (probably in Erlangen on March 18th and March 19th, 2023)

The successful participants of the online round of the GPT 2023 qualify for the in person round of the GPT 2023 that takes place March 2023 (in Erlangen on March 18th and March 19th, 2023). More information here.

The rules will be similar as for the online competition, except that two problems per team member have to be prepared.

And the winners of the GPT 2023 will be qualified to take part as the German team at the IPT 2023!

IPT 2023 in France (April 23rd to 29th, 2023)

Visit or watch the video.

Registration is closed. However, if you are interested and want to participate in future events or just want be a guest at this year’s GPT, please write an e-mail to

In case of questions, just contact us: .

If you are at a university that is part of the GPT network, you can also contact the respective local representatives:

Results of the Online-Round of the GPT 2023:

First physics fight:

Rep by team PTL: 6.7; Opp by team FISON: 7.7

Rep by team FISON: 6.7; Opp by team MUE: 6.7

Rep by team MUE: 6.0; Opp by team PTL: 6.3

Second physics fight:

Rep by team FISON: 7.3; Opp by team PTL: 6.5

Rep by team MUE: 6.3; Opp by team FISON: 7.8

Rep by team PTL: 7.3; Opp by team MUE: 7.0


Winner of the Online-Round: Team Fission Impossible (FISON): 76.6 points

Second: Team Push the limits (PTL): 69.4 points; Third: Team Munich (MUE): 64.1 points

Congratulations to the team FISON and thanks to all participants! I hope to see you again at the In-person-round.