General information

There will be an additional Online-GPT in December with the final on Sunday, December 13th. Unlike the regular GPTs, the Online-GPT won’t be a qualifying competition to the IPT, but it will be the ideal tournament to feel the spirit of the GPT and IPT – even without having to travel.

The problems are out already:

There will be no registration fee. The final registration probably will be in October 2020. However, for a better planning of the competition, we are glad if you contact us non-commitally as soon as possible. Furthermore, in case you have questions, please write us: .

Teams should consist of 3 to 6 students. However, we will also help single participants without team to join a team. It is sufficient to work on one problem to participate.

If you are at a university that is part of the GPT network, you can also contact the respective local representatives: