Schedule and Results of the GPT 2022

The GPT 2022 will be online. Student from Germany who want to support a team or who maybe want to participate in a future GPT as well as possible future members of the GPT network are free to watch the GPT as guests. Please write a short e-mail to with a short information about your possible role and your home university. You then will receive the zoom link and will be permitted to join the sessions.

In case you want to get an idea of the GPT and you do not have a lot of time, we recommend to join us for the final round of the final physics fight that will start on Sunday, January 30th at 16:30.

Saturday, January 29th

14:00-16:30: Welcome and First Physics Fight in three rounds

Sunday, January 30th

13:30: Free presentations (not part of the competition): Participants can present their solutions to problems that have not been part of the tournament.

14:00-15:00: Final Physics Fight: First Round: Reporter: Team 1, Opponent: Team 2, Reviewer: Team 3

15:15-16:15: Final Physics Fight: Second Round: Reporter: Team 2, Opponent: Team 3, Reviewer: Team 1

16:30-17:30: Final Physics Fight: Third Round: Reporter: Team 3, Opponent: Team 1, Reviewer: Team 2

17:30: Results and concluding remarks

Results of the GPT 2022:

Results of the first physics fight:

Team Highly Intelligent, Gifted and Gleeful Students (HIGGS) as Reporter: 8.0, as Opponent: 7.0, Total: 38.0 points

Team Deuterium (D) as Reporter: 7.0, as Opponent: 8.0, Total: 37.0 points

Team The principle of least action (POLA) as Reporter: 5.0, as Opponent: 5.7, Total: 26.3 points

Results of the final:

Team HIGGS as Reporter: 8.0, as Opponent: 7.0, as Reviewer: 7.0, Bonus for Saturday: 2; Total: 47.0 points

Team D as Reporter: 7.8, as Opponent: 7.0, as Reviewer: 8.3, Bonus for Saturday: 1; Total: 46.5 points

Team POLA as Reporter: 6,0, as Opponent: 7.0, as Reviewer: 8.0, Bonus for Saturday: 0; Total: 40.0 points

The winner of the GPT 2022 is: HIGGS, Congratulation!