Three Roles in a Physics Fight

All teams will gather in December to compare their solutions! During the tournament, you and your team will take part in several rounds of so-called Physics Fights. In each Physics Fight, three teams confront each other. Each team will be Reporter, Opponent, and Moderator once during the three rounds of one physics fight.

The Reporter has 10 minutes to expose his/her solution to a problem. The reporter has to defend their answer and points of view during the following discussions.

In 5 minutes the Opponent has to explain the weaknesses and possible errors in the Reporter’s solution. The Opponent then enters the discussion to improve the Reporter’s solution.

The Moderator (formerly called Reviewer) will review both the Reporter’s and the Opponent’s performances. Their role is to help the jury decide their marks by pointing out the progress made during the discussions.

The performance of the teams is judged by an experienced jury. According to the overall score, the three best teams get into the final and fight for the title of international physicists champion.
Unlike your typical physics exam, the problems must not only be presented but also challenged and reviewed by the other participants. On top of the challenge that the tournament represents, taking part in it is an amazing experience in which you will learn how to constructively criticize scientific solutions. This is something that you cannot find in any University course, and it is very close to how real science works!

Detailed Ruleset:

The official IPT Tournament Procedure Rules will also apply for the GPT and can be found in §1.4 and §2 in the IPT rules. There are additional rules specifically for the Online-GPT 2020 and the preselection GPT 2021 that are published here and probably will also be used for the GPT 2022 and subsequent GPTs.

All credits belong to the authors of the IPT homepage who originally wrote this short description to briefly explain the principles of the IPT. Small modifications were done to fit the GPT format.