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Press releases related to the German success at the IPT 2024

For the first time in the history of the IPT, the team from Germany won the IPT in April 2024!

See our news massage on this success.

Press release of the LMU Munich.

Report and press releases related to the German team at the IPT 2022 in Columbia

Report of a student from Erlangen about the IPT 2022 as PDF-File.

Press releases of the Universities in Hamburg and Berlin about their students at the IPT 2022.

Pics of the German team at the IPT 2022

Articles on problems of past GPTs

J. Bley, A. Pietz, A. Fösel, M. Schmiedeberg, S. Heusler, and A. Pusch, Physics competitions in the time of a pandemic: 3D printing as a new approach to the quantitative investigation of Cartesian divers at home, European Journal of Physics 43, 014001 (2022). Article on Journal-Page (open-access).

S. Michalke, A. Foesel, and M. Schmiedeberg, Oscillations due to time-delayed driving of a ball in a water jet – a challenging problem of the International Physicists’ Tournament 2019, European Journal of Physics 41, 054001 (2020). Articles on Journal-Page (open-access).