Where:     Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Campus Riedberg

   Max-von-Laue-Straße 1
60438 Frankfurt am Main
Department of Physics


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  50.173761, 8.631740


When: 30.11.2018 – 02.12.2018

Who can play: Bachelor or Master students (no PhD students)

How: Use the registration mask and sign up for the tournament

Win: The best team in the GPT will earn the title of national physics champion and obtains the right to participate in the IPT 2019 as the German representative.  Tough fights, sleepless nights, amazing people and lots of fun are guaranteed.

Further information:

You don’t need to be physicists! Everyone who is passionate about physics, problem-solving or working in teams should participate. Although we recommend having a proper physical background, a team with students of different scientific fields can work just as fine.

If you are interested in the tournament, you can participate by using the registration mask.

You are not a full team of 6 but still, want to participate? Since a team should consist at least out of 3 members, each team having 3-6 members can directly enter. Teams with fewer members and teams that entered but are still looking for more members can contact us via
The registration form contains a field where you can state your wish for more members.

Maybe we can pair you up, form bigger teams and give more students the chance to take part in this thrilling tournament.