As an inspiration, we provide two of our solutions which made high scores in the GPT and in the IPT. However, we advise you to use this inspiration at your own risk. You can find more examples on the official IPT homepage and learn by watching the 2016 finals here.

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Problem 1: Tea with honey

Construct a device to continuously stir a cup of tea with a teaspoon of honey at the bottom. The device should be operated using a single 1.5V AA battery and the honey should be dissolved and uniformly distributed in the minimum possible time. Propose your own criterion for determining the homogeneity of the stirred solution. How will using the sugar instead of honey, or adding a slice of lemon to your tea influence the results?


Problem 2: Lego Tower

A LEGO mold, water and gelatin can be used to produce jelly, or ‘gummy’ LEGO bricks. It is possible to build towers using these gummy LEGO bricks in the same way as can be achieved with their plastic counterparts. What is the maximum height of gummy LEGO tower that can be built and how does this depend on the concentration of gelatin in the bricks?