Registration is now closed!

The registration is now closed and we are happy to announce the 5 teams participating in this years GPT. That are three teams more than last year. We are now doing last preparation for the tournament. We wish all teams four successful weeks until the tournament starts.

The 5 teams are the following:

Die FAUltiere: Paul Fadler (Captain), Lucia Härer, Carina Kanitz, Veronika Selzam, Nicolas Manger, Janna Vischer

straight outta prism: Niclas Heinsdorf (Captain), Leonhard Wenning, Angelina Geyer, Thomas Lai, Charlotte Asal, Lars Gröber

**** me if I am wrong/Field Fluctuation: Bettina Allner (Captain), Johann Kalies, Ronny Zemann, / Andrii Yanovets [Captain], Nicola Tsarigradski, Lilith Diringer

Countable on one Hand: Leon Goertz (Captain), Keiwan Jamaly, Jonathan Stindl, Vladimir Denk, Ida Schmidt

Phygured: Akshey Kumar (Captain), Ashreya Jayaram, Cameron Stewart, Miru Lee

Registration is now closed!